$38,000 For A Friendly Face
by Kristin Shepherd
Directed by David Booth
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      Sep 14
7:30 pm
Sep 15
7:30 pm
Sep 16
7:30 pm
Sep 17
2:00 pm
        Sep 22
7:30 pm
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Sep 24
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

$38,000 For A Friendly Face takes place in our time, in a small town where Bronwyn Bain lived out the last years of her life. Her two daughters, Jane and Annie, arrive less than enthusiastically for their mother's Celebration of Life, not having seen their mother in years. The town's funeral home is run by Matt, who struggles to create a decent ending for Bronwyn and her daughters, and by The Last Supper Committee, a number of women responsible for the meals for funeral events. Preparations for the Celebration of Life deteriorate on every front. It becomes apparent that Bronwyn Bain was not well loved, and that there may be no guests. In the kitchen, The Last Supper Committee members, along with Alison, a young woman who does not leave after delivering flowers, hurl toward their own meal-destroying confrontations around the subject of death. The Celebration is saved, initially, by the storytelling of Alison and The Last Supper Committee. In the end, however, the day is saved by the understanding that none of us gets it right in life or death.

"$38,000 For A Friendly Face" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC


Cast Members
Jan Booth - Esther
Megan Hampton - Phyl
Jeanette Jacobs - Marge
Chris Porterfield - Matt Watson
Sarah Romero - Jane Bane
Amaria Von Dran - Annie Bane
Blythe Schwaller - Alison
Nyoka Polyak - Deliveries for Carmichael
Janice Sodoma - Deliveries for Carmichael
Wendy Tritt - Deliveries for Carmichael
Mandy Paschen - Deliveries for Carmichael
Crew Members
David Booth, Director
Darlene Hillman, Stage Manager