Banquet Chairperson

Job Description

The banquet chairperson is designated to co-ordinate the annual banquet and membership meeting.

Job Duties

These duties may be delegated and include but are not limited to:

  1. Selecting a date.
  2. Obtaining a facility and or meeting place.
  3. Arranging for catering.
  4. Selecting a DJ.
  5. Choosing a theme and creating invitations and decorations accordingly.
  6. Mailing the invitations to all members and persons involved in the summer season.
  7. Setting up a program and agenda with the current president.

Extras may include the organizing of any entertainment, skits, songs, etc. 
This should be done early in the planning process to allow adequate time for rehearsal schedules.

There is currently a budget of $100-$150 for the annual banquet, it needs to cover, invitations, postage, catering, and the DJ.


Revised July 2002 by Paula Tsiagalis