Box Office Committee Chair

Job Description

The concessions chairperson is designated to co-ordinate the box office.  

Job Duties

Box office:
The box office chair is responsible for soliciting SCP personnel to work the box office during the winter show and also the summer season. Responsibilities of the box office include taking general admission and season ticket reservations, either in person or over the phone, tallying attendance figures by category and for collecting money (general admission) for each ticket sold.

Winter show:
Ticket sales are generally sold for two weeks prior to the show opening, and also throughout the run of the show.  Typically the SCP phone is call forwarded to the home of the SCP volunteer, or  the volunteer can check messages from their home or the theatre.  Box office hours are 5:30 to 8:00 each evening. M ailed reservations are also accepted.  Tickets are mailed or held according to the patron wishes and time restraints.  The seating chart for each night is kept current and the restaurant is notified each week of the total reservations processed (if it is a dinner theatre production).  Credit card order are processed and checks and cash and given to the treasurer as often as requested.  The box office chair also solicits volunteers to work the ticket table at each winter shower performance.


SCP provides a $100.00 honoraria to the person(s) who handle the ticket reservations and processing.  If more than one person helps,  the honoraria is divided up accordingly.

Summer season:
The box office chair is responsible for soliciting volunteers to work the box office for each of the summer shows.  The box office opens the Sunday before opening night and is open every night thru the run of the show (14 nights).  Box office hours are 5:30 - 8:00 pm.  During the run of the first show only,  box office personnel are asked to stay through intermission as there are usually some patrons wishing to purchase season ticket at that time.  For the balance of the season, box office personnel are free to leave after locking up at 8:00.

Box office duties/procedures:
The season ticket chair will provide a seating chart for each summer season performance which will show all seats already sold through season ticket sales.

Box office duties include taking ticket reservations either in person or over the phone, keeping the seating chart updated, pulling ticket as sold, answering the SCP phone during normal box office hours, and returning any phone message left during off-hours.

The treasurer will provide $200.00 in start up cash for each show.

All tickets must be paid for or held with a credit card at the time of the ticket order.  Holding a ticket order with a credit card means that if they do not pick up their tickets the night of the performance and we cannot resell the tickets we have the right to charge their account the cost of the tickets. Be sure this is clear to the caller. Tickets will be held until 7:50 before each performance. If they are not picked up by that time they can be resold.  Cast members may hold seats without a credit card, but they are asked to keep you informed of any changes.  We will want to resell the seats if at all possible should there by cancellations.  There are no gratis seats provided to cast members.

Season ticket hold reservations:
Those season ticket holders using the flex option will call when they have decided which night they would like to come - please note their flex option  account number on their ticket order and mark the order paid.

Switch tickets for a different night:
If at all possible have the patron return the original tickets.  Return the tickets to the ticket box, pull the new tickets and  update the seating chart both for those returned and the new seats.

Bank deposits:
Make arrangements with the treasurer on how they would like the deposits processed.

Credit card orders:
Check with treasurer for procedures.

Nightly reconciliation:
The ushers will turn in all ticket stubs as soon as all patrons are seated. Double check with the actual audience count.  Count the total number of seats unsold.  Stubs + unsold should equal 164 seats. If they don’t the difference is indicated as “no-shows”. 

Nightly closing:
Lock up all monies and tickets.

Revised November 1,  2002. L. Hunyard