Center Stage Chair

Job Description

The Center Stage chairperson is designated to co-ordinate the production of the SCP newsletter, the Center Stage.

Job Duties

The Newsletter “Center Stage” is published 3 times a year in January, April and September. The editor is responsible for content, layout, printing and mailing.

Ideal January content: publicize winter musical (cast, dates, tickets), announce summer season audition dates

Ideal April content: publicize entire summer season

Ideal September content: publicize banquet, announce next season’s shows and announce winter audition dates 

Regular content in all issues: president’s column, editors note, Spotlight on Stagecoach (member announcements —awards, outside shows, etc.), area theatre calendar—optional

* Speak to president and board members regarding content
* Determine audience (how many people it will be mailed to) and contact Anita to run labels in zip code order
* Alert treasurer of number to be mailed so that money can be deposited in the Post Office account
* Determine specific mail date
* Buy needed supplies (paper, staples, rubber bands). You will be reimbursed
* Write needed articles or contact others to write them
* Email yahoo list serve to obtain announcements from the membership
* Verify all published information (dates, times, locations, prices) with board member
* Layout in Microsoft Publisher
* Print and photocopy
* Pick up mailing trays from DeKalb post office
* Fold, stuff, staple, and label in zip code order
* Bundle according to bulk mail procedures
* Fill out bulk mail form
* Take all trays to Post Office (deliver to back door)
* Email finalized copy to webmaster
* Save finalized copy on stagecoach computer

Revised Sept 9,  2002. D. Vaughn