Concessions Committee Chair

Job Description

The concessions chairperson is designated to co-ordinate the concession stand

Job Duties

Some time during the week before a show opens, you will need to check the supply of concessions.  

Food items (candy, cookies, coffee, cups, etc.) can be purchased in bulk at:

1.                  Samís Club

2.                  Super Wal-Mart

3.                  Whitmanís Catering

Drinks (soda, water, juice boxes) can be purchased at Eagle and/or Jewel (look for sales).  Drinks typically will need to be replenished more often than food.

You do not need to duplicate the items that have been in the concessions (i.e. donít search all over town for a certain type of cookie - just buy a different brand/item).

Ask the treasurer for SCPís tax ID number.  Some sellers will delete the sales tax if you can provide the number.  You will have to pay for the purchases.  Forward the receipts to the treasurer, he/she will reimburse you.

The concession cupboards are marked.  Put the concessions away - make sure that the display cases match the items you are actually selling.  The stage manager has a key to the concession cupboards.  DO NOT put drinks in the refrigerator - lock them in the cupboard (the ushers can stock the refrigerator)

The ushers will actually work the concession booth. 

  Please note that we do not control the concessions at the Egyptian

Revised August 14,  2002. G. Anderson