Fundraising Chairperson

Job Description

The various fundraising committees are tasked with all aspects of fundraising -- events, grants, publicity and general.

Job Duties

 Fundraising Campaign Chairman - Job Description

1.                  Plan and coordinate fundraising campaigns
2.                  Maintain contact with any professional fundraisers hired by SCP
3.                  Coordinate maintenance of donor information with SCP treasurer
4.                  Prepare bi-monthly report for SCP President regarding status of campaign
5.                  Prepare and present Fundraising report for board and general membership meetings
6.                  Contact donors (thank you’s/acknowledgments/reminders)
7.                  Schedule speakers for outside groups (re: renovations and/or fundraising)
8.                  Coordinate tours of facility by potential donors
9.                  Maintain contact with City of DeKalb and other governmental bodies

Fundraising Events Chairman - Job Description

1.                  Plan and coordinate fundraising events
2.                  Publicize fundraising events

Fundraising - Grants
1.                  Apply for grants
2.                  Maintain records of grant-making foundations/agencies
3.                  Publicize receipt of grants


Revised January 2003 by Greg Anderson