Housekeeping Chairperson

Job Description

The housekeeping chairperson is designated to insure that the Front of House is in presentable condition for each show.

Job Duties

The Housekeping chair sees that the floors and seats are clean in the house, along with the lobby, and concession areas , front steps and entrance including windows, and the front steps leading to the lower level.  Also included are the washrooms.  They should be cleaned and properly stocked .

All these areas should be cleaned at the opening of the theatre building each year by the Membership and thereafter by the Housekeeping staff, which should consist of 5 to 6 people. They shall clean the above areas during the week of the opening of each show, and when deemed necessary. (The Green room areas are the responsibility of the Production cast and crews, this is also to include any partying upstairs after shows and between the two weekends of the shows.

The supplies which housekeeping is responsible for are as follows: toilet paper, papertowels, various size garbage bags, cleaning supplies as needed , and kleenex for washrooms and dressing rooms. Papertowels are for washrooms, concessions, and the kitchen .

In the event that there are not enough housekeeping staff at the opening of a season, the board members shall help with the first show of the season as this is the largest clean up job.

Revised September 2002 by Kathie Hart