Lighting Chairperson

Job Description

The lighting committee  is designated to manage the lighting equipment for the theatre

Job Duties

This committee is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and any new purchases for StageCoach Players theatrical lighting equipment.  It is responsible for providing working stage lighting equipment for individual show lighting directors to use.  This equipment generally includes 1) light board, 2) fresnels, 3) lekos (ellipse), 4) halogen lights, 5) standard accessories such as gel frames and C-clamps, 6) stock gel, and 7) follow spot.  It is not responsible for non-theatrical lighting equipment as well as lighting design (and any non-standard lighting equipment or gel) for individual shows.  These responsibilities are the responsibility of the House and Grounds committee and the show’s director respectively.

Additionally the lighting committee is responsible for insuring that an up-to-date equipment inventory and light pipe/circuit location list is provided to each show lighting designer.

Revised July 2002 by Todd Toles