Photo Archive Chairperson

Job Description

The photo archive chairperson is designated to insure that SCP productions are documented by photography.

Job Duties

Duties:  To secure a photographer to take archive photos for each SCP production. This includes the winter show, summer shows and any additional shows presented during the year, the year is defined as Nov 1-Oct 31.

SCP keeps an archive file of 10-12 photos from each show, preferably in black and white. These photos are given to Kathy Cain for archival storage. Color photos are acceptable, preferred size for all photos is 5x7.

The current budget allows for payment of $35 to the photographer to shoot the photos. The Photo archive chair is responsible to giving the director of each show the name and phone number of the photographer. They can then coordinate date and times for the shoot.

The photographer is responsible for submitting the bill for the photos either directly to the SCP treasurer or to the stage manager for that show.  The bill will include $35 honoraria, plus the cost of the film and developing of the archive photos.  If the photographer chooses to resell archive photos to the cast and crew of a show, those transactions are handled directly between the photographer and the cast/crew member. The photographer is not to submit a bill for resold/unpaid cast/crew photos.

Revised November 2002 by Anita Biletzky.