Scholarship Chairperson

Job Description

The scholarship chairperson is designated to co-ordinate the StageCoach Players scholarship

Job Duties

  1. January: 

    Revise deadline dates on form letter and scholarship application form.  Print letters addressed to each guidance counselor.  Deadline date is usually early April to allow Chair adequate time to review applications.  It is advisable to let the Board of Directors review the application form every few years.  Although it is a simple scholarship form, it will ensure that all new board members are familiar with the terms of the applications.  The original list of guidance counselors for DeKalb County was obtained through Chris Porterfield.  If would be advisable to check with him to see if a new list can be run about every other year to ensure that the names are accurate


    Early April:

    Application is received in early April, read, evaluate and selections made.  Although two (2) scholarships are available on a yearly basis, it is very likely that there will not always be applications that fit the requirements.  It is acceptable for only one, or none, to be awarded.  The Board should be notified if any scholarships are to be awarded.  The treasurer also needs to be notified when it is necessary to have checks ready to presentation.  If scholarships are being given, contact the guidance office of the respective school(s) to establish the date(s) of the awards night at the school.  Complete all necessary paperwork for the school that is required for your attendance at awards night.  If the Chair is unable to attend the awards night and make the presentation, they should contact the Board to ask for a replacement.

    Revised July 30, 2002. M. Risseeuw